Meet Zoe Oli—RICE’s Youngest Stakeholder & CEO of Beautiful Curly Me

Zoe Oli earned six figures in her business by the fourth grade! She shares that her time as a Stakeholder at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs helped grow her business. “When we first became RICE Stakeholders, it felt amazing, they were giving us resources… it has really helped us scale to the next steps of our business,” says Zoe Oli, CEO of Beautiful Curly Me

Evana and Zoe Oli are the co-Founders of Beautiful Curly Me a brand that encourages young girls to love and be confident in themselves. According to a recent study, 6 out of 10 girls do not like their natural curly hair, so to solve the problem this dynamic mother-daughter is taking the toy industry by storm! The founders have created a line of dolls with curly, natural hair to empower young girls to feel beautiful in their own reflection. The two have expanded their collection, adding books, hair care accessories, clothing, face masks and sleeping caps. In line with the Beautiful Curly Me mission, for every doll purchased, one is given to a young girl in need, because every girl deserves a doll, she can see herself in and feel beautiful inside and out. Toys affect the way children see themselves and the early years are critical for self-awareness, esteem building and development.

We are so happy to have Zoe and Evana as RICE Stakeholders and look forward to continuing to support this powerhouse team through our eco- system for Atlanta’s Black entrepreneurs. At last, you can go above and beyond to assist this girl boss by helping Zoe to win a $60,000 Business Grant from Barclay’s Small Business Big Wins Competition. We are asking each Stakeholder and our extended RICE community to votefor Beautiful Curly Me every day from April 1st until April 10th at to help girls feel more confident!