Announcing Black Biz Bus Tour & Black Friday

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with RICE Stakeholder company ATL Tours, owned and operated by Dwight McQueen.  The Black Biz Bus Tour is an exciting initiative that aims to showcase some incredible Black-owned businesses in Atlanta. Launching during Black Friday, on August 4th,2023 the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs will be the first stop on the Black Biz Bus Tour, starting at 5:00 PM and will return to the Russell Center as the final stop.

The Black Biz Bus Tour is not only a fantastic way to discover hidden gems within Atlanta’s vibrant business community, but it also provides a platform for Black business owners to connect and collaborate. By participating in this tour, you will be contributing to the growth and success of some remarkable businesses when you spend your dollars locally. #ShopBlack #ShopLocal

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to explore Atlanta’s thriving black-owned businesses and network with like-minded individuals. Secure your spot on the Black Biz Bus Tour today!

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