Logistics Launchpad

Ware2Go, a UPS company, has partnered with the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE) & UPS to build the Logistics Launchpad. RICE Stakeholders (entrepreneurs) will have access to a UPS Store with discounted shipping rates, a distribution center for e-commerce fulfillment, and an innovation lab for 3D printing and textile-based prototypes.

UPS Retail Store | Inventory Storage & Fulfillment | Innovation Lab with 3D Printers



RICE Reversed YLW ARW 1
Eva Jane Bunkley, Founder,
Eva Jane Beauty, LLC.


  • Allow RICE stakeholders (entrepreneurs) to ship and receive with discounted rates from the on-site UPS store;
  • Provide safe and cost-effective order fulfillment to 71% of USA within 2 days center for stakeholders;
  • Utilize warehouse management system to integrate with e-commerce sales channels for tracking inventory, orders and delivery to customers;
  • Develop prototypes that are textile based and/or 3D printed, so stakeholders can ideate and iterate multiple times before going to market. The Innovation Lab will also facilitate the testing of new concepts;
  • Utilize this space to teach stakeholders and reach the community through product development and advanced manufacturing education; and
  • Build an ecosystem where stakeholders feel comfortable learning about advanced manufacturing and utilizing those techniques within their respective companies.
L'Angela Lee, CEO,
Honeysuckle Moon, LLC.


The services to be utilized at The UPS Store are meant to be self-serve. The store will provide RICE entrepreneurs access to packing and shipping their orders (outside of the Ware2Go program) The services are limited to:
  • Shipping via UPS.com using a personal UPS account
  • Packing
  • Shipping Label Printing
  • Shredding