Atlanta’s Home for Black Entrepreneurs

Build. Black. Business.

Create 2,000 jobs in Atlanta
Adding $6.5+ million to the state and local tax revenue pools
Increasing Black Household wealth by $70 million
Developing over 250 startups
Accelerating 50 growth companies by 5-10 employees

Black prosperity
multiplied through
business ownership

Transformational change requires strong partnerships and impact-driven collaboration. We have developed incredible momentum, and in the face of COVID-19 and current social climate, the necessity to provide access, opportunities, and resources to the Black business community is more critical than ever.

We need systems to facilitate growth by design rather than support systems designed to prevent it.

We’re here from ideation through acceleration and beyond to connectivity and the resources needed to build stronger business leaders, better communities, and more profitable businesses. Creating jobs, increasing wealth, and advancing Black pathways.

Where there is one Black-owned business, we can make it two. Where there are 100, we can create 200. Imagine the jobs, wealth, and community, we will build through The Russell Center.


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